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Bonus Features

When Birch Bayh: Making A Difference was first drafted, it became clear that the book's length would be too long.  The folks at Indiana University Press suggested certain parts of the book that might be too "in the weeds" for most readers or would only appeal to a narrower audience, be excerpted from the text and added to a website as bonus features.  That is what has been done here. For those who have read the book and may be interested in more stories and detail, these additional chapters are being offered.  For those who may not have read the book, perhaps reading these may provide an incentive to learn more about Birch Bayh's life and his times.

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Birch Bayh here to download
This chapter includes considerably more details from each of the Bayh campaigns from 1962 through 1980.
Judges Clement Haynsworth and G. Harrold Carwell were nominated by President Richard Nixon to seats on the Supreme Court in 1969 and 1970 and each was rejected by the Senate, something that had never happened before.  The opposition in each of these battles was led by Birch Bayh and propelled him into a national profile within the Democratic Party that he had not achieved previously.
There were so many thoroughly enjoyable anecdotes provided by former staff that it became necessary to offer them as a separate bonus feature on this site.  I hope you enjoy these memories as I have.
There is a long and distinguished list of individuals that worked for Birch Bayh at one time or another.  The contributions made by former Bayh staffers is quite impressive and offered here.
The Bayh interviews went into great detail about each member of the United States he served with over 18 years.  These candid appraisals presented too much detail for the average reader but are offered here for those who may be interested in this part of the country's history.
Birch Bayh and the Indiana Democratic here to download
This chapter was written by the author in 1978, a detailed accounting of the battle to lead Indiana's Democratic Party that Birch Bayh undertook that year.  Political junkies may enjoy this slice of Indiana political history that also elucidates a brand of leadership that was exemplified by the Bayh career.


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