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“As the father of Title IX, Birch Bayh has left a lasting impact on our country. In Birch Bayh: Making a Difference, it is clear his influence and his contributions will continue to affect all Americans for generations to come in many ways.” 
 — Billie Jean King, founder of the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative

“Robert Blaemire’s Birch Bayh is a marvelous biography of Bayh, a dynamo in Indiana politics and the national scene throughout the 20th century. My take-away, after reading, was that Bayh, a consummate public servant, would have made an excellent president. Highly recommended!” 
 — Douglas Brinkley, author of Rightful Heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Land of America

“In Indiana’s, and the nation’s, political history, perhaps no elected official has produced the legislative achievements crafted by U.S. Senator Birch Bayh. In addition to authoring two constitutional amendments—the Twenty-Fifth and Twenty-Sixth—Bayh produced the landmark Title IX legislation, providing women with equal opportunities in public education. Bayh has long needed a comprehensive biography, and Robert Blaemire has provided an insider’s account of Bayh’s life and career and places him among Indiana’s leading political figures.” 
 — Ray E. Boomhower, author of Robert F. Kennedy and the 1968 Indiana Primary

“Highlights the life of one of our most remarkable United State Senators, not just in Indiana but in the nation. Birch Bayh shows the dedication of a man to his state and country through more than 25 years of elected office.” 
 — Geoffrey Paddock, author of Indiana Political Heroes

“Robert Blaemire’s celebration of Birch Bayh’s career evokes a different and better time in American politics, when leaders really did think about making a difference. There are many vivid portraits of Bayh’s work on landmark civil rights bills and other legislation. My favorite passage cites Bayh’s question for his staff when facing a tough choice: “Just tell me what you feel is the right thing to do.” Read this memoir and remember a time when people like Bayh, and the decent, compassionate politics of the heartland, were truly the American way.” 
 — David Ignatius, columnist, The Washington Post

“The story of Birch Bayh’s political career is completely inspiring, especially in an era that has lost touch with bipartisanship and civility. A must read for Hoosiers and for anyone interested in how democracy worked, when it really worked.” 
 — Ted Widmer, historian and former presidential speechwriter

“My friend Birch Bayh has led a life of remarkable public service dedicated, always, to making a difference. His supporters and opponents will long remember his skill as a campaigner combined with his ability to reach across the political aisle and achieve Constitutional Amendments and timely legislation that strengthened our nation.” 
 — Richard Lugar, former United States Senator from Indiana

“Birch Bayh was one of the most consequential lawmakers of the 20th Century, responsible for constitutional amendments and a long list of legislative accomplishments that changed and improved America. Robert Blaemire has given us a biography that does justice to a great American, a vivid portrait of the man and the Senate at a time when Bayh could work with allies and adversaries alike.” 
 — Norman Ornstein, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute


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